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 Fallen Heroes of the Month:


FDNY Fire Marshall & US Army 1SG Ronald Bucca, 9/11 HERO.

Committee Member served at Camp Bucca, Iraq named after this HERO.

SGT Darrin K Potter US Army OIF Veteran served with committee member.

Please go to Fallen Hero Of The Month page 1 & 2 to see their story.




Iraq War Monument honors veterans who served, especially those Killed-in-Action.






This website continues to accept dog tag

submissions for Iraq veterans at all times.





 Directions from Fort Myers: Take Colonial Blvd. and cross the Midpoint Bridge (Veterans Memorial Pkwy.) heading west into Cape Coral.  Make the FIRST exit after you pay the toll and an immediate right following the sign that reads:  New Iraq Vet Monument (small white sign with star that reads "Iraq War Heroes."  You should now be on SE 17th Pl.  Take one more right onto SE 23rd Terr.



Directions in Cape Coral:  Go to the Coralwood shopping plaza at the intersection of Del Prado Blvd. and Veterans Memorial Pkwy.  Turn down SE 21st Ln. following the sign that reads:  "Iwo Jima Monument Veterans Memorial" and take right onto SE 17th Pl.  Take one more left onto SE 23rd Terr.


SE 23rd Terrace,
Cape Coral, FL 33990

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SE 23rd Terrace,
Cape Coral, FL 33990